Practice areas

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Family Law
  1. Separation, marriage, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements Divorce and separation proceedings
  2. Child and Spousal support
  3. Division of Property
  4. Adoption Applications
  5. Right to move with child applications

Sale and Purchase of Residential and Commercial Properties in BC and Alberta Region

If you are thinking of buying, selling or refinancing property then there are other legal services you might need to consider. We offer a variety of different services and we always give proactive advice to help you.

  1. Sale & Purchase of Residential /Commercial Properties
  2. Sale & Purchase of Business
  3. Land Use, Real Estate, Property Tax Assessment
  4. Lien Claims
  5. Contractual Claims
  6. Real Estate Litigation
  1. Students, Workers and Visitors cases
  2. All Immigration matters
  3. Sponsorship cases
  1. Review of employment contracts
  2. Drafting employment contracts
  3. Wrongful dismissal
  4. Breach of employment contract
  5. Workplace injury
  6. Exploitation & workplace harassment
  7. Workplace events claims

If you are thinking of starting a new business or buying or selling an existing business, you want to form a new company etc. then you ought to consider the additional legal services available to protect your interest and hard work. We can help you in following:

  1. Register as a sole proprietor or a partnership
  2. Partnership or Shareholders Agreements
  3. Incorporate your Provincial or Federal business
  4. Maintain your existing Corporation
  5. Establish a holding company or a trust
  6. Buy, sell, or restructure an existing business
  7. Prepare contracts for your daily business operations
  1. Notarizations
  2. Wills, Estates and Trusts
  3. Affidavits and Declarations
  4. Visitor Visa, Super Visa
  5. Declarations
  6. Sponsorship Declarations
  7. Power of attorney

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